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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

17 August 1813 – Leon Campaign – Day 8

Soult orders his army to halt, rally, resupply and reorganise

Wellington also orders his army to halt, resupply and reorganise
In addition he orders new depots at Benevente and Sanabria
He now has 6 depots, and has had to detach two infantry brigades to act as garrison
He has sufficient supplies in his forward depots to resupply all four corps
However to do so he has had to use all available supplies
Before he can advance again he must reorganise his supply distribution
This will mean closing two rear depots, and moving their supply to the two new depots
He is well aware that this will allow Soult to rest and reorganise his battered army

Friday, July 13, 2018

16 August 1813 – Leon Campaign – Day 7

All four French corps retreat towards Leon.
Due to moving all day they have not been able to rally or reorganise                                                                                    
At nightfall they have the same morale as at the end of the battle
In addition they are widely dispersed out between Astorga and Sahagun

Wellington also orders his army to advance and secure he ground taken
2nd corps occupy Benevente and 4th corps Sanabria
1st and 3rd corps advance to support them
The British are now very low on supplies, each corps has just one days left
They are also disorganised and have been unable to rally due to movement
In addition they are moving beyond range of supply from Trabanos and Valladolid

Both armies will have to rest to rally, regroup and resupply
This will be easier for the French, who are retreating towards their main depot at Leon
Wellington will have to reorganise his supply depot if he is to advance further north.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

15 August 1813 – Leon Campaign - Day 6

Wellington orders his army to attack

1st and 4th corps to attack 7th and 8th French corps north of Sanabria
French lose 5200 casualties and six brigades in rout
British lose 1200 casualties but win convincing victory
At nightfall French abandon town and retreat under cover of darkness

2nd and 3rd corps to attack 13th and 16th French corps at Benevente
French lose 4000 casualties and four brigades in rout
British lose 500 casualties and one brigade in rout
Another decisive victory for Wellington