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Thursday, September 21, 2017

15 July 1813 – Battle of Rudolstadt

Tactical map of battle area
Both armies have suffered considerable casualties in earlier battles
The Russians have been forced to retreat and are determined to hold Rudolstadt
If the French win this battle they will have won the campaign

French attack Rudolstadt
Russian – 71600 infantry, 3700 cavalry, 117 guns
French – 77200 infantry, 3800 cavalry, 120 guns
Table at start of wargame
 2nd Russian corps arrive start of move 1
14th Westphalian corps arrive start of move 1
Rest of both armies on table at start of game

6th French corps advance and take village
Artillery fire on enemy infantry
One infantry brigade shaken

14th Westphalian corps advance and start to deploy

2nd French corps advance towards city
Cavalry receive casualties as they prepare to charge artillery
Artillery fire but ineffective

5th French corps win cavalry melee, Cossacks retire shaken
Ordered to storm fortified farm, one brigade retires shaken
Artillery fire but ineffective

1st Russian corps lose two infantry brigades to artillery fire
Artillery force one enemy brigade to retire shaken

2nd Russian corps ordered to support 1 corps

4th Russian corps artillery concentrate on enemy infantry

3rd Russian corps hold farm though garrison suffer 30% casualties
CinC fails to rally shaken Cossacks

Russian artillery more effective than French
2nd Russian and 14th Westphalian corps deploy to join battle

6th French corps have taken the village
1st Russian corps have suffered heavy casualties, and retreated to the hill

14th Westphalian corps have deployed but unable to advance
2nd Russian corps have replaced 1st Russian corps

2nd French corps are pressing home their attack
4th Russian corps are disordered and their gunners in an infantry square

4th French corps have taken the fortified farm
But broke and ran when counter attacked
3rd Russian corps are consolidating their hold on the farm

The Russians continue to hold all of Rudolstadt
6th French corps exchange artillery fire with 1st Russian corps
1st Russian corps have lost heavily, but continue to hold north end of hill

14th Westphalian unable to advance in time to join the battle
2nd Russian deploy on southern end of hill
Both corps exchange artillery fire

2nd French corps attack south of the town
4th Russian corps break and retreat

5th French rally and exchange artillery fire
3rd Russian break and run, with all five brigades in rout

This was a very hard fought battle and both sides lost heavily
At nightfall the Russians firmly held the town
They also held the hill to the north of the town
But both corps south of the town retreated under cover of darkness
At nightfall there were eleven brigades in rout

The French suffered less casualties than the Russians
But they were unable attack, let alone take, the town
By nightfall three of their four corps were battered and in need of reorganisation
14th Westphalian corps had taken no part in the battle and were formed
Four brigades were in rout

The Russians held the town and could claim victory

The French have lost 5900 casualties
The Prussians have lost 6500 casualties