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Friday, September 30, 2016

13 May 1813 - Central Germany

Wittgenstein has ordered 4th corps to hold Eisenbach.  The remainder of his army is deployed to hold the Rosdorf, Barchfeld and Meiningen.

Davout orders 5th corps to attack Eisenbach and the rest of his army to advance.   6th corps occupy Friedland and 14th corps Kaufungen.   2nd corps is in position to support the attack on Eisenbach if necessary.

Monday, September 26, 2016

13 May 1813 – Battle of Eisenach

Tactical map of battle area
General Langeron has been ordered to hold Eisenach, which is 20 miles west of the main Russian deployment area.

Davout has ordered a surprise attack, in order to take Eisenach before the Russians can react to his advance.   5th French corps is ordered to attack, with 2nd corps moving to support in case they should fail to take the town.

French – 16000 infantry, 1000 cavalry, 30 guns
Russian – 16000 infantry, 1000 cavalry, 30 guns
Table at start of wargame 
4th Russian corps is deployed in and around Eisenach.
5th French corps is deployed in column of attack on the left
Marshal Davout has taken personal command of the corps.

The French have advanced their artillery to open fire on the town.
The infantry have halted out of artillery range
The cavalry have taken cover behind the farm, but are within supporting range of the gunners.

The Russian cavalry have also taken cover behind the farm
Their artillery are conserving their ammunition until the enemy infantry advance

The French artillery have caused 10% casualties on the town garrison
Davout now orders the infantry to advance, and the cavalry to support them
As they advance they come under fire from the Russian gunners
One of the leading brigades suffer 400 casualties

Davout orders an attack on the town
The cuirassiers charge and rout the Russian gunners with 20% casualties
The Russian dragoons charge and rout the disordered cuirassiers with 20% casualties.
The two leading French infantry brigades storm the town
One of the two are routed with 30% casualties
The garrison also lose 30% casualties, but they are elite infantry and hold the town
At nightfall the Russians continue to hold Eisenach

The French have lost one infantry brigade and their cavalry
The Russians have also lost their best infantry brigade and their artillery
Wittgenstein must decide whether to continue to hold Eisenbach
Davout must decide whether to reinforce and attack again tomorrow

The French have lost 2200 casualties and two brigades in rout
The Russians have lost 1400 casualties and their artillery in rout