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Friday, June 30, 2017

26 June 1813 - North Germany

Blucher decides to make a final stand at Walbeck
Three of the four Prussian corps have run out of supply
Blucher orders those three to hold and resupply
4th corps are ordered to withdraw to Walbeck
19th brigade is ordered to move 5 days supplies from Helmstedt to Walbeck

Napoleon is also forced to order a pause
The Old Guard have run out of supplies
His other three corps are short of supplies
He orders all four corps to hold and resupply

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

25 June 1813 – North Germany

Three out of the four Prussian corps are out of supply
They will suffer attrition casualties of 400 men each day until resupplied
2nd and 3rd corps compulsory retreat towards Walback
4th corps resupply, reorganise and receive battle replacements

The French corps are also running short of supplies
They have sufficient supplies, but must redistribute them
They have also captured 5 days supplies in Wolfsburg
Napoleon orders 40 brigade to move the Gifhorn depot to Jeggau
Despite the difficult supply situation Napoleon orders 4th corps to attack Gardelegen.
The attack fails, and at nightfall 1st Prussian corps still hold their position.
Both sides have suffered light casualties, though the Prussians slightly more at 800 to 400 French
The French have just one days supplies left, and the Prussians have run out of supplies

Friday, June 9, 2017

25 June 1813 – Battle of Gardelegen

Tactical map of battle area
1st Prussian corps is Bluchers last battle ready corps
The other three are in retreat following their recent defeat
1st corps still has cavalry and gunner casualties from their defeat at Jeggau

Napoleon has ordered 4th French corps to attack them
Another victory will secure the campaign for the French

Prussian – 12000 infantry, 900 cavalry, 27 guns
French – 12000 infantry, 1000 cavalry, 30 guns
Table at start of wargame
The city of Gardelegen is off table on the right
1st Prussian corps is deployed on the right to hold the approach
4th French corps are deployed on the left ready to advance

The French have advanced into the centre square
Their artillery open fire and hit the Prussians in the woods
The landwehr pass their morale test and hold their position

Extend table to the right
The table has been extended to the right   This is to allow the fighting to take place in the centre of the table.  The city on the right is Gardelegen

The French artillery continue to fire on the woods
The Prussian garrison receive another 400 casualties and are shaken
The French commander orders his infantry to advance and take the woods
Their cavalry advance to cover the attack
With the French infantry now in range the Prussians guns open fire
They hit the leading brigade, who fail their morale and rout with 400 casualties
The supporting brigade also fail their morale and join the rout

Having lost half of his infantry general Rouget calls off the French attack
Although the Prussians have suffered more casualties, they have won the battle
It will take at least two days for the French to rally and resupply

The French have lost 400 casualties and have two brigades in rout
The Prussians have lost 800 casualties but still hold Gardelengen