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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

23 March 1813 – Battle of Burgos

Tactical map of battle area

Background to battle
1, 2 and 4 British corps have orders to redeploy
3 British corps has orders to attack Sarracin
All four French corps have orders to attack Burgos

3 British corps will pin 14 French corps at Sarracin
But they would arrive too late to fight the battle
3 British corps will advance to C2
14 French will hold in E2

British – 34400 infantry, 2900 cavalry, 90 guns
French – 39200 infantry, 2800 cavalry, 90 guns

Any brigade with more than 30% casualties wil not take part in the battle

The British have three brigades absent for garrison or casualties
4th British corps has considerable battle casualties

The French have two brigades absent for casualties

Table at the start of the wargame
2nd British corps will arrive start of move 1
French HQ and 3rd corps will arrive start of move 1
13th French corps will arrive start of move 5
1st British ordered to deploy between city and river
2nd British ordered to deploy between city and T junction
4th British ordered to hold Burgos
3rd French ordered to take farm
6th French ordered to attack Burgos
2nd British ordered to deploy in front of farm
Remainder all advance and start to deploy
All continue to advance and deploy
6th French artillery open fire on Burgos
Garrison suffer 10% casualties, but pass morale test
13th French arrive and are ordered to deploy between Burgos and farm
Artillery fire but no casualties
Garrison skirmish but no casualties

3rd French occupy farm
6th French skirmishing Burgos receive casualties but pass morale test

6th French chasseurs charge British hussars, who are shaken with 10% caualties
Skirmish for Burgos continues
Artillery exchange fire, no casualties
Burgos garrison shaken with 10% casualties from artillery and infantry
2nd corps advance to engage farm, garrison pass morale with 10% casualties
13th corps form column of attack ready to advance
North East district of Burgos rout with 40% casualties
6th French ordered to attack Burgos
3rd French win skirmish for farm
2 British brigades rout and artillery retreat shaken
French skirmish with South East district of Burgos
13 Polish lancers charge and rout 4 British artillery

2nd British are ordered to withdraw
4th British have lost half of Burgos
6th French enter Burgos
13th French advance to attack
Wellington orders his army to break contact and retreat
The British have lost 2900 infantry and 100 cavalry plus three brigades are in rout
The French have lost 1200 infantry

The French have won and taken control of Burgos

Battle Summary
The French attack took the British by surprise
4th British corps, which held Burgos, had considerable battle casualties
6th French corps opened the attack on the city
Their infantry and artillery concentrated on the north eastern district
3rd French corps occupied the farm to the south of the city
1st and 2nd British corps deployed to support the garrison
The garrison suffered from the French artillery, but held their position.
13th Polish corps were ordered to deploy between the city and the farm
They were full strength, had no detachments or battle casualties
They immediately attacked and turned the tide
The city garrison gave way, and 6th French were ordered to attack
With two brigades shaken and three in rout Wellington ordered a general retreat
The British had lost 2900 casualties
The French lost 1200 casualties