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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

3 March 1813 – Battle of Augsburg

Tactical map of battle area

Background to battle
10th Bavarian corps attack the isolated 3rd Austrian corps at Augsburg
11th Bavarian and 12th Baden corps “march to the sound of the guns”
1st Austrian corps also “march to the sound of the guns”

French – 32000 infantry, 3000 cavalry, 90 guns
Austrian – 28000 infantry, 2000 cavalry, 60 guns

Not fought as a wargame
Used uneven battle chart to decide casualties

0800 - 0900
3rd Austrian corps occupied a very isolated position at Augsburg.
Their nearest support was 1st corps at Bobingen, a full day’s march to the east.
Despite this they were ordered to move north to E06, and 1st corps to march to replace them at Augsburg.

At first light 10th Bavarian corps attacked Augsburg.
They caught 3rd Austrian corps preparing to march north to E06

As the battle opened both 11th Bavarian and 12th Baden corps “marched to the sound of the guns.
0900 - 1200  
By midday 3rd Austrian corps had been forced to abandon Augsburg and retreat towards the river Lech.   1st Austrian corps were approaching from Bobingen, but would have to cross the river to support them

10th Bavarian corps were fighting in Augsburg.   12th Baden corps were approaching, and would join them by 1600.   11 Baden corps were also approaching, but would find it difficult to find space to deploy due to the bend in the river Lech.

Schwartzenberg would have to decide whether to order 3rd Austrian corps to hold the west bank, or retreat to the safety of the east bank.   To hold the east bank would risk the destruction of 3rd Austrian corps 
1200 - 1600
Schwartzenberg decided to take the safe option.   3rd Austrian corps were ordered to retreat to the east bank.   1st Austrian corps were ordered to join them to hold the eastern end of the bridge

Meanwhile the Third French army had concentrated around Augsburg

1600 - 2000
At nightfall he two armies were separated by the river Lech
The Austrians held the east bank
The French occupied Augsburg held the west bank

The Austrians were lucky to escape with such odds
They crossed to the east bank of the river Lech
Austrians lost 1600 infantry
French lost 800 infantry

Battle Summary
This was an uneven battle with two French corps against one Austrian corps
It was not fought as a wargame
3rd Austrian corps occupied a very isolated position at Augsburg
Their nearest supports were at Bobingen, a days march away
They were also on the opposite bank of the river Lech.
Two Bavarian corps attacked Augsburg at day break
After a short fight Schwartzenberg ordered 3rd corps to retreat
Austrians lost 1600 infantry
Bavarians lost 800 infantry

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