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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

3 March 1813 – South Germany

Two battles fought, one at Donauworth and the other at Augsburg

The larger battle was fought at Augsburg
Two Bavarian corps attacked the isolated Austrian corps
Both received reinforcements during the battle
This battle was not fought as a wargame
I used the uneven battle chart
The Austrians lost and retreated east of the river

A smaller battle was fought at Donauworth
2nd Austrian corps had orders to hold the river Lech
9th Bavarian corps had orders to attack Donauworth
If the Bavarians occupied Donauworth the Austrians would have to retreat
This is to maintain the one square “no mans land” between corps.
So they also attacked Donauworth
Once more the Bavarians won, once more the Austrians retreated

The Austrians were outnumbered at Augsburg
They were just unlucky at Donauworth

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