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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

15 March 1813 – South Germany

Tactical Map

The defeat of the previous day, coupled with their own casualties in the battle, resulted in the surrender of 11th Bavarian corps and the occupation of Augsburg by the Austrian Army.

The Bavarian Army was now reduced to three corps, and two of them had suffered heavy casualties and were retreating in disorder.   Oudinot accepted that he must accept defeat and ordered his army to retreat towards Ulm.

Schwartzenberg was content to allow his own battered Army to rest, resupply and reorganise.  He had achieved his campaign objective of taking and holding Augsburg and defeating the Bavarian Army.
 Strategic Map

The Augsburg campaign phase was the first phase in Southern Germany between the Third Bavarian and Austrian Armies.   It last ed 15 days and there were six battles.   The Bavarian's won three battles, the Austrian's also won three.

The Austrians won the Augsburg phase of the campaign.

The Augsburg phase started on 16 February and finished on 23 July 2015

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