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Monday, February 15, 2016

12 April 1813 – End of Armistice

Location of the five French and allied armies 12 April 1813

On 5 April 1813 Napoleon proposed an armistice for seven days in order to allow consideration of peace proposals.   The allies promptly accepted his proposal.

In the previous month the five French Armies had fought 58 battles.   They had won 25, and drawn 4.   Both they and the allied armies were weary and in urgent need of rest, reorganisation, resupply and reinforcement.  

For Napoleon there was the added problem in Germany of national resistance.  They regarded this as a War of Liberation.   Throughout the area he occupied there was widespread opposition and aggression towards the French.  As a result he was forced to retreat to Westphalia to shorten his lines of communication and to impose some discipline on the local population.

The Austrians have moved north to draw closer to their Prussian and Russian allies.   They have moved their main base to Prague.

The peace proposals ended in renewed hostilities on 12 April 1813 when Napoleon ordered his First Army to cross the river Weser and attack Brunswick.

Location of armies at the end of the armistice

1 French       Hannover
Prussian       Brunswick
2 French       Kassel
Russian        Gotha
3 French       Darmstadt   
Austrian        Bamberg               
4 French       Zamora
British           Oporto
5 French       Aranjuez                                                 
Spanish        Toledo         

All ten armies are at full strength and have been fully resupplied.         

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