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Friday, February 5, 2016

3 April 1813 – Battle of Stuttgart

Tactical map of battle area

Background to battle
Three Austrian corps attack Stuttgart
Austrian – 35600 infantry, 3000 cavalry, 90 guns
French – 33600 infantry, 3000 cavalry, 90 guns 

Table at start of wargame
 HQ Austrian – arrive start of move 1
2 Austrian – arrive start of move 1
3 Austrian – arrive start of move 1
4 Austrian – arrive start of move 1
9 Bavarian arrive start of move 1

All corps start the game on blinds until within 20” of the enemy

Three Austrian corps arrive on the right hand edge of table

10 Bavarian ordered to move to hill with windmill

All Austrian corps are spotted and replace blinds with figures
10 Bavarian cavalry occupy north hill
9 Bavarian corps enter table on left.
Both armies start to deploy
10 Bavarian cavalry charge and rout 4 Austrian dragoons with 10% casualties
3 Austrian dragoons charge and rout 11 Bavarian artillery with 20% casualties
2 and 3 Austrians engage town
4 Austrian engage windmill hill
Bavarians continue to deploy
2 and 3 Austrian artillery fire on town, no casualties
4 Austrian ordered to hold top farm
Bavarians continue to deploy
10 Bavarian artillery lose 10% gunners and are shaken
Garrison lose 20% casualties to artillery fire but pass morale test
9 Bavarian occupy southern hill
2 Austrian ordered to withdraw and hold farm
2/7 brigade lose 10% casualties and shaken
11 Bavarian replace southern garrison
They receive 10% casualties and are shaken
Two Austrian brigades attack the battered southern garrison
The Bavarians hold the infantry at bay, but rout due to increased artillery fire
The reserve brigade joins the rout, as does the northern garrison.
Bavarian rout from Stuttgart

With the loss of Stuttgart, and the destruction of 11th corps, the Bavarians retreat
They have lost 2800 infantry, 300 gunners and 30 guns plus four brigades in rout
The Austrians lost 1200 infantry and 100 cavalry
An Austrian victory
This battle signals the end of the Stuttgart campaign phase

Battle Summary
The battle opens with 11th Bavarian corps in Stuttgart and 9th and 10 corps in supporting distance.

Schwartzenberg plan of attack is to send one corps to take the windmill hill
The other two will attack the city.

The Austrian artillery concentrate on the south east section of the city.  By midday Oudinot has to replace the garrison with a fresh brigade.

2nd and 4th Austrian corps withdraw to the northern and southern farms.   This move covers the flanks whilst 3rd corps deploys to storm the city.   .

The Austrian attack is successful.   All three Bavarian infantry brigades in the town are routed, plus their supporting artillery.   11th Bavarian corps is broken.

Oudinot still holds the hills to the north and south of the city.   But with the loss of 11th corps he is heavily outnumbered.   At nightfall he orders his army to retreat.

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