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Friday, April 15, 2016

16 April 1813 – Battle of Hildesheim

Tactical map of battle area

Background to battle
Napoleon orders 13th Polish corps to attack Hildesheim
He will support them with 1st (Imperial Guard) corps

3rd Prussian corps have orders to hold Hildesheim
There are no other corps within supporting distance

Because of the complicated background to the battle no wargame will be fought
The result will be calculated by map movement and Campaign Rule 09
13th Polish corps attack 3rd Prussian corps.
The combat is even, and each corps lose 400 infantry casualties
Napoleon arrives with the Imperial Guard and joins 13th corps
Together they overwhelm the Prussians
The French suffer a further 400 infantry casualties
The Prussians suffer 800 more infantry casualties
The Prussians retreat, pursued by the French
In the retreat they suffer another 400 infantry and 100 cavalry casualties

An overwhelming French victory
The French have lost 800 infantry
The Prussians have lost 1600 infantry and 100 cavalry  

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