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Sunday, May 22, 2016

18 April 1813 – Central Spain

Spanish Regular Army retreat to Escalona-Toledo-Sonseca after battle of Moncejon
11 and 12 guerrilla attack 7-28 infantry brigade in rout from Villatobas
13 guerrilla attack 8-31 infantry brigade in rout from Quintar
14 and 15 guerrilla occupy and sack Villatobas and Quintar

7th and 15th French corps both rally and regroup and each receive 400 reinforcements
8th and 16th French corps both out of supply and will lose 400 casualties per day until they resupply
16th Italian corps occupy Moncejon and secure 4 days supplies
French have lost 5 days supplies when Villatobas and Quintar captured by guerrillas

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