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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

19 April 1813 – Battle of Barchfeld

Tactical map of battle area
Both armies have battle casualties and supply problems
Marshal Davout orders desperate surprise attack
Russian – 32000 infantry, 3000 cavalry, 87 guns
French – 31600 infantry, 2900 cavalry, 90 guns

Table at start of wargame
All Russian corps start game on the table
French HQ, 6 and 14 corps arrive start of move 1
French 2 corps arrive start of move 5 
12 Russian brigade has been ordered to vacate Barchfeld and rejoin 3rd corps.
1st Russian corps has advanced to join 3rd corps
4th Russian corps are still waiting for orders to advance

6th French and 14th Westphalian corps have been ordered to engage the Russians
Their cavalry cover the deployment of the artillery and infantry
Davout is moving to join 2nd corps and give them orders
2nd French corps arrive and deploy out of range of 1st Russian corps

6th French and 14th Westphalian corps are ordered to advance and engage Barchfeld
Their cavalry charge and rout 3rd Russian Cossacks and gunners

The arrival of 4th Russian corps halts the French advance
Their cavalry rout 6th French cavalry
Russian artillery rout 23rd French brigade
This allows 3rd Russian corps to hold the town and woods

Both armies have suffered considerable disorder
Both will have to regroup before they can continue the battle

3rd Russian corps have lost their cavalry and artillery
Despite this Wittgenstein held Barchfeld and won the battle

The Russians have lost 700 casualties and two brigades in rout
The French have lost 2100 casualties and two brigade in rout

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