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Saturday, July 9, 2016

25 April 1813 – North Germany

Blucher is aware the French are preparing to attack Eilseben.   He is prepared for them to do so.   He orders 4th corps to attack Helmstedt in order to disrupt and perhaps delay the main attack

The French reorganisation of their supply system is complete and 1st Guard corps is resupplied

Napoleon is now ready to order his planned attack on Eilsben.   But first he orders 13th Polish corps to attack 4th Prussian corps.   His intention is to distract Blucher and hopefully prompt him to reinforce his left from his centre.

The Poles lose 2300 casualties to the Prussian 2000 casualties.   In addition they lose their cavalry, gunners and an infantry brigade in rout.   Decouz orders them to retreat and abandon Helmstedt.

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