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Monday, August 1, 2016

03 May 1813 – North Spain

Soult has won the battle of Tordesillas
But he dare not pursue Wellington until he has secured Medina
He orders 8th corps to move to H04, join with 16th corps and attack Medina
7th corps will continue to hold Mayorga
14th corps will return to G05 and hold the Toro-Tordesillas road
16th corps is ordered to rest, resupply and reorganise in preparation to attack Medina

Having lost the battle of Tordesillas Wellington must retreat and reorganise
He orders 4th corps to occupy and hold Toro
1st corps will move south to support them, whilst still holding Miranda
2nd corps will move into reserve to rally and reorganise
3rd corps will abandon Medina and move to Toro

Spanish guerrilla have occupied the road between Tordesilla and Mayorga

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