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Monday, August 22, 2016

09 May 1813 – Battle of Valladolid

Tactical map of battle area
After two days of preparation Wellington orders his four corps to attack Valladolid

Soult has managed to rally, reorganise and resupply his four corps
But only two are in position in front of the city
53 and 55 infantry brigades garrison the city.
7th corps is within supporting distance
16th corps is 4 hours march to the south, and will not arrive until noon.

British – 48000 infantry, 4000 cavalry, 87 guns
French – 56000 infantry, 3900 cavalry, 81 guns
Table at start of wargame
1st, 2nd and 3rd British corps arrive start of move 1
4th British corps arrive start of move 5
16th Italian corps arrive start of move 5

Soult has ordered 8th and 13th corps to hold their position
7th corps has been ordered to halt behind the marsh
He is moving to join 16th corps, who are about to arrive bottom right

Wellington has ordered 1st, 2nd and 3rd corps to advance
As they do so the highland brigade of 2nd corps suffer 400 casualties
The gunners of 3rd corps also suffer casualties
Wellington has joined 4th corps, who are about to arrive centre left

Both 4th British (bottom left) and 16th Italian (bottom right) have arrived on the table and are moving to join the battle.

There have been a number of cavalry melee with two British and one French brigades in rout.   The loss of cavalry support for the British attack is proving a problem.

1st, 2nd and 3rd British corps are all engaged with the French.

1st British corps has had to halt due to lack of cavalry support.  However their artillery are causing casualties to the French gunners.

2nd British corps have taken the hill in the centre, but 13th Polish corps are counter attacking.

3rd British corps artillery have failed to cause any casualties.  However their dragoons have routed the French hussars.  The infantry have closed with the French and are engaged in a fire fight.

Both sides have suffered considerable casualties, but the battle could go either way.   It looks like both 4th British and 16th Italian corps will arrive too late to influence the outcome of the battle.

1st British corps (top left) unable to advance due to lack of cavalry
7th French corps (top right) lose artillery and content to hold their position

2nd British corps (centre left) are in rout.
13th Polish corps (centre right) lancers charge and rout three infantry brigades
In doing so they halt the British attack and hold the hill in the centre
4th British corps (centre left) are ordered to retake the hill in the centre

3rd British corps (bottom left) cavalry charge and rout two French brigades
8th French corps (bottom right) are in rout
16th Italian corps (bottom right) deploy behind 8th corps to cover the rout

Wellington has won the battle.   Despite losing all of 2nd corps, he has broken 7th and 8th French corps.

Soult has lost two corps in the battle.   13th Polish corps counter attack and hold the centre.   14th Italian corps are in position to hold his left flank

Despite his victory Wellington is unable to take Valladolid.   Two French brigades hold the city.   In addition 13th Polish and 14th Italian corps are still capable of fighting. 

As darkness falls the French retreat to Valladolid.   The British take up position to the west of the city.

The French have lost 4100 casualties and 18 guns plus 7 brigades in rout
The British have lost 3800 casualties and 6 guns plus 4 brigades in rout

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