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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

05 May 1813 – Battle of Mayorga

Tactical map of battle area
General Stewart, commander of 1st British corps, has orders to attack Mayorga (off map right). 

2nd Spanish militia brigade have orders to rest and resupply.  They will not take part in the battle unless attacked by the French.

General Abbe, commander of 7th French corps, has orders to hold and prevent the British reaching Mayorga.   He has just sent his 28th infantry brigade to drive the Spanish guerrilla out of Palencia and reopen the main supply route from Valladolid.

French – 12000 infantry, 1000 cavalry, 30 guns
British – 12000 infantry, 1000 cavalry, 30 guns
Spanish – 4000 infantry
Table at start of wargame
7th French corps (top centre) start the game on hold orders
Spanish militia (centre) also on hold and cannot leave the village
1st British corps (bottom right) start the game on move orders

The British advance either side of the hill with the windmill
French 12 pounder guns catch British infantry by surprise, but fail to hit them
Infantry move onto hill to avoid French artillery
British artillery receive 10% casualties as they unlimber

General Abbe needs to take the Spanish held village in order to deploy
He orders one of his infantry brigades to drive them out
Initial skirmish proves ineffective, so he orders them to storm the village
The guerrillas are fierce defenders (they roll 10 with 2x6 dice)
The attackers lose 30% casualties and rout
General Stewart sends his Portuguese brigade into the village to support the Spanish.

The Spanish militia have been replaced by the Portuguese brigade and the village is secure.    The French attackers retreat in rout.   General Abbe calls off the attack on the village and orders his corps to concentrate around the hill occupied by his artillery.   The French gunners also receive casualties, fail their morale and are shaken.

General Stewart orders his infantry to advance and close with the enemy.   The highland brigade (centre) come under artillery fire as they advance down the hill and lose 400 men.

The British infantry press home their attack on the hill to the right of the village.   The French infantry stand and exchange fire, but it is too much for the shaken gunners who rout with their guns.

General Abbe attempts to concentrate to hold the hill, but with the loss of his artillery has to order a general retreat.

Battle casualties are equal, but the French have lost their artillery and one brigade in rout.   The remaining two infantry brigades, and the cavalry brigade, cover their retreat.

The British have lost 1300 casualties and the Spanish 400
The French have also lost 1700 casualties, but they also have two brigades in rout

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