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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

16 May 1813 – Battle of Eisenbach

Tactical map of battle area
Davout has ordered 2nd and 5th French corps to take Eisenbach
Wittgenstein is determined to hold the city with 2nd and 4th Russian corps

French – 28000 infantry, 1900 cavalry, 60 guns
Russian – 32000 infantry, 2000 cavalry, 57 guns
Table at start of wargame
Russians start on the table
French arrive at the start of move 1
Both start with campaign casualties
Both have one infantry brigade missing due to casualties
The French have 100 cavalry casualties
The Russians have 100 gunner casualties and three guns missing
The Russians have the support of 18 brigade, the garrison of Eisenbach.


 Wittgenstein orders his two Russian corps to advance and engage the French

2nd Russian corps artillery are ordered to redeploy north of the city

2nd French corps cavalry charge and rout the Russian cuirassiers
Wittgenstein immediately orders 4th Russian corps to hold their ground
2nd French corps leading brigade suffer short range artillery fire and are shaken
To the north 5th corps prepare to advance
They send their artillery onto the ridge to get closer to the Russian infantry.

2nd French corps artillery concentrate on the garrison of the farm
Their infantry then attack and rout the garrison.
French cavalry then charge and rout the gunners
Remaining French infantry advance and rout the supporting infantry
4th Russian corps retreat with their only formed brigade covering the retreat

5th French corps artillery open fire on the nearest infantry square
They break and run, taking the nearest infantry and cavalry brigade with them
2nd Russian corps are forced to retreat

Wittgenstein has lost three of his eight infantry brigades
He has also lost both of his cavalry brigades and all of his gunners
He orders the survivors of both corps to retreat towards Barchfeld

The Russians have lost 3300 casualties
The French have lost 1700 casualties

Kliest has lost three of his four infantry brigades.  He orders the remainder of his corps to break contact and retreat towards Lehre.

The French have lost 1200 casualties
The Prussians have lost 2800 casualties

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