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Friday, January 6, 2017

27 May 1813 – Battle of Erlangen

Tactical map of battle area
Marshal Oudinot has ordered 10th and 12th corps to hold Erlangen
General Schwarzenberg has ordered 1st and 4th corps to take the city at all costs

Bavarian – 45000 infantry, 2000 cavalry, 60 guns
Austrian – 45000 infantry, 2000 cavalry, 60 guns

Table at start of wargame
23 Bavarian infantry brigade are the garrison of Erlangen
They are supported by 10th Bavarian corps
Marshal Oudinot and 12th Baden corps are marching towards the town

Schwartzenberg will arrive at the start of move 1 with 1st Austrian corps
4th Austrian corps, plus 20 infantry brigade, will also arrive at the start of move 1

1st and 4th Austrian corps are deployed and about to open artillery fire
10th Bavarian corps have sent one infantry brigade to help garrison Erlangen
12th Baden corps are deploying top right

4th Austrian corps (left) advance to attack
Cavalry charge Baden dragoons, melee is a draw
Artillery concentrate on 23rd brigade in town, garrison hold despite 20% casualties
1st Austrian corps (right) also advance to attack
Artillery concentrate on grenadier brigade in support of artillery
Infantry also suffer casualties but continue to hold their position

4th Austrian corps (left) win cavalry melee and rout Baden dragoons
Austrian cavalry rally and charge the artillery, who also rout
Infantry storm left hand section of Erlangen and rout garrison
However their attack on the woods on the left is repulsed with heavy casualties

1st Austrian corps take the right hand section of Erlangen and rout garrison
Infantry storm the centre and rout both infantry and gunners
Bavarian cavalry are not engaged and cover the retreat.

Oudinot has suffered a major defeat.  
Seven of his thirteen brigades are in rout
Fortunately his cavalry are formed and cover the rout

The Bavarians have lost 2900
The Austrians have lost 2100

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