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Friday, January 13, 2017

28 May 1813 - Southern Germany

The Austrians have won a major victory at Erlangen
1st and 4th Austrian corps enter Erlangen and secure 2 days Bavarian supplies
2nd Austrian corps have also won a victory and enter Weiden
3rd Austrian corps have suffered a severe defeat and routed to Linsberg.

9th Bavarian corps have taken Gremsdorf
10th Bavarian and 12th Baden corps have suffered heavy casualties and routed to Nuremberg
11th Bavarian corps have also been defeated and retreat to Fischbach
Despite their victory 9th corps is now out of supply and isolated at Gremsforf

Both armies are low on supplies, and each corps has only one days supplies left
If they cannot resupply tomorrow they will start to lose casualties to attrition.

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