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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

14 June 1813 - Southern Spain

Suchet receives report that Navalmoral has been captured by guerrillas and that the garrison is retreating towards Guadalupe.   He must decide whether to order 16th corps to retake Navalmoral or to continue to join with 15th corps and attack between Don Pedro and Alamadan.  He orders 16th corps to resupply and then join with 15th corps and prepare to attack.   He moves his HQ to join 15th corps to control the proposed attack on the river Guadiana.

He also orders 7th and 8th corps to advance to pin the Spanish at Cuidad Real

8 infantry brigade have been forced to abandon Navalmoral and are attempting to retreat to Guadalupe.   As they reach D09 they are ambushed by 2 guerrilla brigade.   Already shaken from their fight at Navalmoral, and retreating shaken, the Italians lay down their arms and surrender.

Giron is expecting the French to attack Cuidad Real.  He orders 1st and 2nd corps to hold the river north of the city.  4th corps is ordered to move east to counter 16th French corps.

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