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Thursday, April 20, 2017

16 June 1813 – Battle of River Guadiana

Tactical map of battle area
3rd Spanish corps have orders to hold river between Almadan and Don Pedro
4th Spanish corps have orders to move to join 3rd corps
15th Vistula and 16th Italian corps have orders to cross river and hold bridgehead

Spanish – 23200 infantry, 54 guns
French – 19200 infantry, 2000 cavalry, 57 guns
Table at start of wargame
3rd Spanish corps and 5 guerrilla start on the table
4th Spanish corps arrive start of move 1
15th Vistula and 16th Italian corps start on table.

The river is fordable by cavalry and infantry
They cross at half movement rate and are disordered
Artillery must use a bridge to cross river

4th Spanish corps (left) have arrived and deployed between farm and marsh
15th Vistula and 16th Italian corps have both crossed the river
The cavalry have reformed, but the infantry are still disordered by the river crossing
Marshal Suchet (right) has taken command of the lancer brigade
The Italians have come under fire from the Spanish artillery
One brigade has lost 10% casualties but have made their morale
On the right 15th Vistula corps have crossed the river and are advancing to attack 3rd Spanish corps.   Their lancers charge and rout the gunners, who take the infantry in the woods with them.  The lancers fail their morale and charge the nearby square, who are poor class infantry with 20% casualties.  With one cavalry charge 3rd Spanish corps are broken and in rout.

On the left both 16th Italian corps and 4th Spanish corps are still deploying.  Before they exchange fire General Giron orders the Spanish to retreat and cover the rout of 3rd corps.

This crushing defeat has allowed half of the French army to cross the river Guadiana with minimum casualties. 

The French have lost 100 cavalry casualties
The Spanish have lost 1600 infantry and 200 artillery casualties

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