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Monday, May 15, 2017

19 June 1813 – North Germany

Blucher orders a general advance in order to take Jeggau, Wolfsburg and Lehre.  All four corps move on engage orders, so they will fight any enemy that they meet.

Napoleon orders 1st and 13th corps to advance to Lehre on engage orders.   He also orders 3rd corps to advance to Wolfsburg and 4th corps to Jeggau, but both of these corps are on recce orders.  They will avoid contact with any enemy, but will observe and report their locations.

This results in an encounter battle at Lehre between 13th Polish and 4th Prussian corps.   1st French guard corps is moving in support, but will not arrive at Wolfsburg until the next day.

The Poles suffered 1300 casualties and lost three brigades in rout
Despite heavy fighting they managed to hold all of Lehre
The Prussians lost 1200 casualties and one brigade shaken
However the arrival of Napoleon and the Imperial Guard won the day
The Prussians broke contact and retreated under cover of darkness

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