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Monday, July 17, 2017

28 June 1813 – Battle of Walbeck

Tactical map of battle area
The Prussians have lost five of the six battles in the campaign to date
They have been forced to retreat and are making a final stand just west of Walbeck
If they lose this battle, they will lose the campaign.

Both armies start the battle with considerable battle casualties
However the Prussians have suffered more than the French
They are particularly weak in infantry and artillery

Prussian – 34000 infantry, 2700 cavalry, 60 guns
French – 44800 infantry, 2900 cavalry, 87 guns
Table at start of wargame
Both armies are deployed either side of the table
Prussians have unlimbered their artillery and occupied the woods in the south
French artillery are limbered and ready to advance
Napoleon is with 1st corps, Blucher is with 2nd corps

The French artillery have moved into long range and opened fire
Their infantry and cavalry remain out of Prussian artillery range
Prussian 3rd corps cavalry have received casualties, but passed their morale test
The remainder of the artillery fire have proved ineffective.
Napoleon orders all three corps to attack.
In the north his artillery rout the Prussian cavalry
The infantry advance and engage in skirmish fire
In the centre the guard cavalry rout the Prussian dragoons
Their artillery also rout one of the infantry brigades
The guard infantry advance to attack the remainder
In the south 13th Polish corps are less successful
Their cavalry are repulsed when they charge the Prussian artillery
Their infantry advance to attack, but are held by the Prussian infantry.
In the north 3rd Prussian corps hold their own but suffer more casualties and lose two brigades in rout.   3rd French corps continue to attack until nightfall.

In the centre 2nd Prussian corps are destroyed and all five brigades are in rout.   1st French corps suffer only light casualties

In the south 4th Prussian corps hold and repulse the French attack.   13th Polish corps are forced to call off the attack, and lose one brigade in rout.

Blucher has suffered heavy casualties and with his centre broken is forced to retreat under cover of darkness.

The French have lost 2200 casualties and one brigade in rout
The Prussians have lost 6200 casualties and nine brigades in rout

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