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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

1 March 1813 – North Spain - Valladolid Campaign

Valladolid strategic map

Valladolid is the first phase of the 1813 campaign in Northern Spain
The white square is the tactical area for the Valladolid campaign
Valladolid tactical map

Wellington halted at Zamora on 28 February 1813, to allow his army to rest and reorganise after their long march from Portugal.  He was aware that the French were at Burgos, and that he would have to fight to take Valladolid.

On 1 March 1813 Marshal Soult left Burgos on the Valladolid road with Fourth
French Army.   That night they reached the town of Palencia, just 15 miles north of Valladolid.   Here he received confirmation that Wellington had beaten him to the city and had occupied it.

The map shows the location of each corps and detachment at midnight on 1 March 1813.

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