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Thursday, March 12, 2015

1 March 1813 – North Germany - Brunswick Campaign

                                                      Brunswick Strategic Map

Brunswick is the first phase of the 1813 campaign in Northern Germany.
The white square is the tactical area for the Brunswick campaign.
BrunswickTactical Map

Napoleon left Hannover with First French Army on 27 February 1813.

The two days later he reached the town of Lehre, which is 15 miles east of Brunswick.   Here he received reports that the Prussian Army were at Wolfsburg, just 30 miles to the east.

Blucher had delayed at Magdeburg to allow his army to recover from their long march from Berlin.   This delay prevented him from taking Brunswick before Napoleon could reach the city.

The map shows the location of each corps and detachment at midnight on 1 March 1813

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