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Monday, March 9, 2015

1 March 1813 – South Germany - Augsburg Campaign

Augsburg strategic map

Augsburg is the first phase of the 1813 campaign in Southern Germany 
The area in white is the tactical area for the Brunswick campaign
Augsburg tactical map

Schwartzenberg arrived in Munich on 20 February 1813.   In doing so he scattered the few Bavarian troops available to defend the capitol.   He then wasted seven days consulting with a deputation from the leaders of the Tyroleon rising at Innsbruck.

This delay allowed Oudinot to complete the organisation of his newly formed Third French Army at Ulm.

On 1 March 1813 Schwartzenburg led his army towards Augsburg, to complete his control over Bavaria.   That evening he halted at Bobingen, just 15 miles east of Augsburg.   Here he received reports that the French Army was at Gunzburg, just 30 miles to the west.

The map shows the location of each corps and detachment at midnight on 1 March 1813.

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