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Monday, July 13, 2015

11 March 1813 – Battle of Augsburg

Tactical map of battle area

Background to battle
Two Austrian corps have orders to attack
One Bavarian corps has orders to hold
A second Bavarian corps will march to the sound of the guns
Austrian – 24000 infantry, 2000 cavalry, 60 guns
Bavarian – 28000 infantry, 1000 cavalry, 60 guns

Note.   10 Bavarian cavalry brigade is in rout and not available for the battle.

Table at start of wargame game

Both Bavarian corps start the game on the table
Both Austrian corps arrive on table at the start of move 1

The river is fordable along its whole length by infantry and cavalry
They are disordered whilst crossing the river
Artillery must use a bridge to cross the river 

Both Austrian corps have arrived on the table.
One Bavarian corps is inside Burgos
The second is deployed to hold the hill to the left of the city

Schwartzenberg orders his two corps to deploy south of the town
In doing so he hopes to tempt the Bavarians to advance to hold the river line

The Austrians are almost in position
It is clear that the Bavarians do not intend to defend the river line
Their plan to is attack the Austrians as they cross the river

Schwartzenberg orders 4th corps to deploy their artillery opposite the hill
The cavalry and part of the infantry will cross the river and outflank the hill
3rd corps is still marching to their join 4th corps

As 4th Austrian artillery are unlimbering they come under fire from the hill
They lose 10% casualties, fail their morale and are shaken
Schwartzenburg must now wait to rally his gunners before he can fire on the hill
Meanwhile the rest of 4th corps are crossing the river.
He orders the crossing to continue, and 3rd corps artillery to join the shaken gunners

4th Austrian artillery have rallied, but failed to hit anything on the hill
3rd corps artillery have just joined them
4th corps has now crossed the river
3rd corps are in position to attack
But they have run out of time
The Bavarians still hold Augsburg and the hill

The Austrians have spent all day concentratting in the river bend
They have failed to inflict any casualties on the Bavarians
But one of their corps artillery have lost 10% casualties
This is the situation at nightfall
The Austrians have lost 100 gunner casualties
The Bavarians have suffered no casualties

The battle is a draw
Both commanders must now decide whether to fight a second day
The decision will be left to the campaign commanders

Battle Summary
The Bavarians occupy a very strong defensive position
They also outnumber the Austrians
11th corps hold the city of Augsburg
10th corps occupy the hill to the west of the city
Both command the river Lech

Schwartzenberg is not willing to risk crossing the river with 3rd corps
The crossing is covered by Bavarian cavalry and artillery
And the city garrison command the area where he would have to reform
He decides to join 4th corps south of the city and attack the hill
His combined artillery would bombard the hill, whilst the two corps attacked together

It took most of the day for 3rd corps to join 4th corps south of the city
4th corps arrived in position first, and came under artillery fire from the hill
They immediately suffered 10% casualties, and were shaken
They recovered, but their effectiveness is reduced by the casualties

At nightfall 4th corps have crossed the river Lech
The artillery of both corps have combined and are within range of the hill
3rd corps is also in position

The Austrians have suffered 100 gunner casualties
The Bavarians have suffered no casualties

Both commanders must now decide whether to continue the battle for a second day

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