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Thursday, July 16, 2015

12 March 1813 – Battle of Augsburg Day Two

Tactical map of battle area

Background to battle
This is the second day of the battle of Augsburg
On the previous day both Bavarian corps had held north of the river Lech
The Austrian corps had concentrated south of the city
4th Austrian corps had crossed to the north bank of the river Lech.
Austrian – 24000 infantry, 2000 cavalry, 57 guns
Bavarian – 28000 infantry, 1000 cavalry, 60 guns

Note.   10 Bavarian cavalry brigade is in rout and not available for the battle.

Table at start of wargame game

The river is fordable along its whole length by infantry and cavalry
They are disordered whilst crossing the river
Artillery must use a bridge to cross the river 

Schwartzenberg orders 4th corps to press on and attack the hill
3rd corps will cross the river and follow up in support
4th corps artillery continue to fire on the hill, and cause casualties to 2 brigade
3rd corps artillery is detached to form a grand battery and continue to pound the hill

Oudinot orders 10th corps to hold the hill
11th corps send two brigades to support them
The corps artillery are ordered to advance to close range and engage the Austrian gunners.
The Bavarian artillery come under fire as they unlimber
10th artillery suffer 100 casualties and are shaken

Meanwhile 4th Austrian corps send their cavalry to pin the Bavarian square
The leading (grenadier) brigade is ordered to attack the square
The Austrian grenadier brigade rout the square with 30% casualties
Artillery exchange fire, but no casualties
Oudinot orders 10th corps to retreat and 11th corps to withdraw inside Augsburg
Bavarian rout
The Austrians win the fight for the hill
7 Bavarian brigade (left) lose melee and rout with 1200 casualties
6 Bavarian brigade (on hill) already have 800 casualties
There is only one Bavarian brigade left to face four Austrian brigades

With the loss of the hill Oudinot orders 10th corps to retreat
11th corps are ordered to withdraw into Augsburg and prepare for a siege

The Austrians have won
One Bavarian corps has retreated
The second Bavarian corps will attempt to hold Augsburg

Battle Summary
The Austrians faced a difficult problem
The Bavarians held both the city of Augsburg and the river Lech
The Austrians plan is to march around the city, cross downriver and attack the hill
It takes them all of the first day for one corps to cross the river
Meanwhile they concentrate their artillery and pound the Bavarian held hill
4th Austrian corps attack an isolated Bavarian brigade
Their cavalry force them to form square and the infantry attack in force
The Bavarians order two infantry brigades to leave the town and support the hill
However before they arrive Oudinot orders them back to the city
10th Bavarian corps, who held the hill, are ordered to retreat
Augsburg is the main Bavarian supply depot, and must be held at all costs
11th Bavarian corps, who held the city, are ordered to prepare for a siege
Bavarians lose 2000 casualties
Austrians lose no casualties

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