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Saturday, July 18, 2015

12 March 1813 – Battle of Donauworth

Tactical map of battle area

Background to battle
Surprise Bavarian attack on Donauworth
9th Bavarian corps cavalry are in rout and they have abandoned their guns
12th Baden corps has one brigade in rout and two shaken
1st Austrian corps cavalry brigade is in rout and one brigade has 30% casualties
2nd Austrian corps has one brigade with 30% casualties.
Routed brigades will not be available for the battle
Shaken brigades will be present, but will have to rally before they can take part
Brigades with 30% casualties will not take part in the battle
Austrian – 14,400 infantry, 1000 cavalry, 60 guns
Bavarian – 26000 infantry, 900 cavalry, 30 guns

Table at start of wargame

 All corps start on the table
One Austrian and two Bavarian brigades start the game shaken
They will have to pass morale test before they can join the battl

9th Bavarian is sent to attack the right flank.   All four brigades advance in a tight column, so that they can support each other against enemy cavalry.  However this formation makes them very good artillery targets

12th Baden is to attack the left flank.   Their advance is delayed as they try to rally the two shaken brigades.   One rallies, the other is left behind.   There is no Austrian cavalry on this flank, so the artillery and cavalry are sent ahead to pin the Austrians


On the right 2 Austrian dragoons (charge and rout the leading Bavarian brigade.   They fail to rally and charge the nearest infantry brigade, who have two more brigades in supporting distance.  The cavalry lose the second melee and retire shaken.   However 9th Bavarian corps is now too weak to continue to attack.

On the left disaster for the Austrians.   Baden artillery rout one brigade, and another is shaken.   Baden cavalry charge the shaken brigade, who rout into the nearby artillery.  The gunners now fail their morale and join the rout.   The nearby garrison of Donauworth have to check their morale.  They also fail, but are only shaken.

The total rout of 1st Austrian corps results in the loss of Donauworth.  
Although 2nd Austrian corps have defeated the enemy column, they can not hold the city on their own against two Bavarian corps
At nightfall they retreat and abandon Donauworth

The battle is a Bavarian victory
The Austrians will abandon Donauworth and retreat
The Bavarians have lost 2000 infantry
The Austrians have lost 1600 infantry, 100 cavalry and 200 gunners

Battle Summary
The Bavarian attack on Donauworth was a complete surprise
All four corps had casualties, including routed and shaken brigades

9 Bavarian brigade has neither cavalry nor artillery support
They advanced in four close columns to support each other
As they neared 2 Austrian artillery they had to open the gap
The Austrian dragoons charged and routed one column.
They failed to rally and charged a second brigade, who forced them to retire shaken
However the Bavarian attack had been broken

12 Baden started the battle with two shaken brigades
They rallied one, but had to leave the second behind
Two infantry brigades had 20% casualties, and had to remain in reserve
1 Austrian had no cavalry, and were soon pinned by the Baden horse
The supporting artillery caused havoc amongst the already brittle Austrian infantry
The artillery broke the nearest square, and the second was shaken
The Baden cavalry broke and routed them into the nearby artillery
The gunners also failed their morale and routed
Even the nearby garrison of Donauworth were shaken

All of 1 Austrian corps was broken and in rout
2 Austrian corps withdrew under cover of darkness

The Bavarian gamble had paid off and they had taken Donauworth

The Bavarians have lost 2000 infantry
The Austrians have lost 1600 infantry, 100 cavalry and 200 gunners


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