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Monday, January 4, 2016

1 April 1813 – Battle of Zamora

Tactical map of battle area

Background to battle
Surprise French attack
British – 22800 infantry, 2000 cavalry, 60 guns
French – 32000 infantry, 3000 cavalry, 90 guns
Table at start of game

2nd British corps arrive at the start of move 1

Suchet takes command of 14 corps cavalry, artillery and one infantry brigade
He deploys them to fire on the British left flank
6th French corps deploy ready to attack the town
14th Westphalian corps infantry cross the river to join 6th corps
2nd British corps deploy between the town and the bridge
Send their cavalry over to the right bank to contain Westphalian detachment

2 British cavalry move through town to take up position on the left
14 French infantry move to join 6 French corps


14 French artillery hit Highland square, who rout with 800 casualties
Nearby gunners are shaken by the rout
6 French cavalry advance to charge shaken gunners


4 British artillery hit 6 French gunners, who pass morale test with 100 casualties
6 French cavalry charge and rout shaken gunners
Nearby square fail morale test and are shaken
Combined French infantry advance in the centre

2nd corps, less their cavalry brigade, are broken and in rout
British have lost 1200 infantry and 100 gunners
French have lost 400 infantry

Wellington has lost one of his two corps
4th corps is still full strength and holding Zamora
He must now decide whether to abandon Zamora

Battle Summary
4th British corps hold Zamora
They are the elite British corps, who include the light division.
However they are attacked by two strong French corps
2nd British corps move to support them
But they have only two of their four infantry brigades
One is in garrison at Alcanices, the other had 1600 casualties
6th French corps deploy to pin 4th British corps in Zamora
14th Westphalian corps advance north of the river
Wellington orders 2nd corps to hold the left flank
They deploy between the city and the river
They send their cavalry over the river to hinder the Westphalians
Soult orders the Westphalian artillery and cavalry to remain on the right bank
The infantry are sent to the south bank to reinforce 8th corps
The French artillery deploy, leaving the cavalry and infantry out of range
The British artillery engage the gunners, but without effect
The French concentrate on the exposed 2nd British corps
The highland brigade suffer 800 casualties and rout
The nearby gunners are shaken, charged by French cavalry and routed
With the loss of 2nd Corps Wellington must decide whether to abandon Zamora
4th Corps are still full strength, but must retire before nightfall or be pinned in the city.
The British have lost 1400 casualties and two brigades in rout
The French have lost 400 casualties

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