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Thursday, February 25, 2016

12 April 1813 - South Germany - Bamberg Campaign

Strategic Map of Southern Germany

The Bamberg Phase is the first campaign after the armistice in Southern Germany. It covers the area outlined in white above.   The Austrian Army has moved their base of operations from Vienna to Prague in order to be closer to the main allied operations in Germany.
Tactical Map of Bamberg Campaign Area

Both armies are out of contact with each other

Each Austrian corps has detached one infantry brigade to establish a depot.   This will ensure that they can replace the supplies used each day.   

The Bavarian army has only three infantry brigades detached to establish depots.

Schwartzenberg is content to remain on the defence and leave the initiative to the enemy.
Oudinot receives orders to advance, engage the enemy and take the city of Bamberg.

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