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Friday, March 4, 2016

12 April 1813 – Central Spain - Toledo Campaign

Strategic Map of Central Spain

Toledo is the first campaign  in Central Spain,  after the armistice, and covers the area outlined in white above.
Tactical Map of Toledo Campaign Area

The French have no tactical knowledge of anything more than two squares away


Marshal Suchet commands four corps.  For each supply depot he must detach an infantry brigade from one of his four corps.

He has just received orders to march west and occupy Toledo

There is a Spanish militia brigade garrison in each town or city.   When occupied by the French the brigade becomes a guerrilla band.   These bands are independent of the Spanish commander.

General Giron also commands four corps, but only two are full strength. The other two do not have any cavalry, and only three infantry brigades.   However the 12 militia/guerrilla make up for that.

Because of the large number of guerrilla and militia the Spanish commander will always be aware of what the French are doing.   His guerrilla bands will also disrupt the French supply system,

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