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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

27 April 1813 – North Germany

Having lost two battles Napoleon has abandoned his campaign objective of taking Magdeburg.   He orders his army to retreat to Gihorn-Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel to rally and reorganise.   Two of his corps are out of supply and the other two running low.

Blucher orders 1st corps to move to Wulfsburg, 2nd corps to Rohrburg and 4th corps to hold Helmstadt.  He also orders his depots to move forward to Bismark, Eilseben and Helmstedt.   Two of his corps have also run out of supply.   However he has sufficient supplies to feed his army once the depots have moved forward.

Both armies have suffered heavy casualties, and will take some time to recover

Blucher has won the Magdeburg campaign

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