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Saturday, September 10, 2016

10 May 1813 – North Spain

1st Spanish guerrilla attack Palencia, the attack fails and the guerrilla are routed with 200 casualties.

Wellington orders the attack on Valladolid to continue for a second day
2nd corps has ceased to exist except for 7th brigade, which is attached to 1st corps
Soult orders a continued defence of the city
8th corps has ceased to exist except for 31st brigade, which is attached to 13th corps
Overnight all brigades with light casualties are rallied

At nightfall the French still hold Valladolid, but both 7th and 13th corps have lost five of their six infantry brigades and must retreat.  

Although Wellington has won the battle, he has not fought a good battle (too many low dice at the wrong time. He has suffered particularly heavy gunner casualties, and only one third of his guns are in action at the end of the battle.   He has also lost one of his three cavalry brigades.

Soult started the battle at a serious disadvantage.  Although stronger in numbers than the British, he had no artillery at all.   However his cavalry routed two thirds of the British guns before they could do any damage.   They continued to hold their own against the British cavalry throughout the battle.

At nightfall Soult still held Valladolid, and one of his three corps had held their ground.   But the other two corps were badly damaged and one had routed. 

British have lost 2900 casualties and 56 guns, they have three brigades in rout
French have lost 6200 casualties and have five brigades in rout

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