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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

15 May 1813 – Battle of Meiningen

Tactical map of battle area
Davout has ordered this attack to threaten the Russian lines of supply from Gotha, and also to disrupt their anticipated attack on Kassel
Russians – 16000 infantry, 1000 cavalry, 30 guns
French – 16000 infantry, 1000 cavalry, 30 guns
Table at start of wargame
The Westphalians (left) start the game marching through Kaufungen.
1st Russian corps (right) are deployed to cover the approach to Meiningen (off table right)

Most of the Russian infantry are deployed behind the village
The Westphalians have deployed south of the village, with one brigade posted close to the village to prevent the Russians occupying it.
The Russian 12 pounder artillery have opened fire on the Westphalian infantry
The Westphalian gunners are out of range and must manhandle their guns into range

Russian artillery fire on infantry, but fail to do any damage
The two brigades on the right advance towards the village
Westphalian infantry advance, with one brigade moving through village
Cavalry advance to protect infantry flank
Artillery fire and hit Cossacks, who are shaken
Lancers charge and rout Cossacks with 30% casualties

Westphalian infantry advance and come under short range artillery fire
One brigade is shaken, and falls back
The other two brigades close with the Russian infantry south of the village
They win the firefight and both Russian brigades rout
The Westphalian lancers charge the gunners, who rout and abandon their guns
The brigade in the village moves forward to support the main attack
They come under attack from the two Russian brigades north of the village
They lose the firefight and rout back into the village
The nearby Westphalian gunners lose morale test and join the rout
The rallied Westphalian cavalry turn to face these two brigades
However the infantry form square and retreat
Heavy casualties on both sides, but definitely a Westphalian win.

Constantine has two infantry brigades, his cavalry and his gunners in rout
Delmas has one infantry brigade and his gunners in rout
The Westphalians have lost 2800 casualties
The Russians have lost 3900 casualties

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