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Saturday, October 8, 2016

15 May 1813 - Central Germany

Wittgenstein orders 2nd and 4th corps to redeploy at Eisenbach
This in in preparation for an attack on Kassel
He also orders his depot at Barchfeld to move to Eisenbach

Davout orders 2nd and 5th corps to rally and redeploy to hold Kassel
6th corps continue to hold Friedland
14th corps to attack Meiningen to disrupt planned Russian attack on Kassel

The battle of Meiningen ends in a convincing victory for the Westphalians.  
The Russians lose 3900 casualties and four brigades in rout
The Westphalians lose 2800 casualties and two brigades in rout

Davout is pleased that his victory at Meiningen balances his defeat at Eisenbach

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