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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

20 May 1813 - Central Germany

Wittgenstein is hoping for one more day to regroup, rally and resupply his army
1 corps hold and resupply                                 
2 corps hold and resupply                                            
3 corps retreat to Mulhausen                                                 
4 corps hold, rally, resupply and reorganise

Davout is determined to attack before Wittgenstein can complete his reorganisation
Before he can do so he must redeploy his army and reorganise his supply depots
However 14th corps is close to Gotha and he orders them to attack            
2 corps move to I05                                             
5 corps move to I06                                                      
6 corps  to Rosdorf                                                     
14 corps attack Gotha       

The Russians suffer a major defeat at Gotha
Constantine has lost two of his four infantry brigades, plus his cavalry
His gunners have abandoned their guns
He orders his corps to break contact, retreat and abandon Gotha

The French have lost 800 casualties
The Russians have lost 3000 casualties

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