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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

23 May 1813 – Battle of Meiningen

Tactical map of battle area
Unaware of the major French attack on Dolstadt, Wittgenstein orders two of his corps to attack the isolated Westphalian corps in front of Meiningen

Russian – 22000 infantry, 1700 cavalry, 57 guns
French – 14400 infantry, 1000 cavalry, 30 guns
Table at start of wargame
All three corps start the battle with campaign casualties

14th Westphalian corps start on the table
4th Russian corps arrive start of move 1
1st Russian corps arrive start of move 5

4th Russian corps arrive on table top right
14th Westphalian react by redeploying their artillery and cavalry
They have also sent an infantry brigade to garrison the walled farm top left.

4th Russian corps deploy within artillery range of the walled farm
1st Russian corps have arrived and deploy level with 4th corps
Both are now ready to advance
14th Westphalians form square and await the Russian attack

The Russians advance to attack

4th corps cavalry charge the Westphalian guns
They receive 10% casualties from canister fire and rout
Their infantry skirmish the walled farm, but are inconclusive
Westphalian lancers advance and force the infantry into square

1st corps artillery concentrate on the square supporting the artillery
The square receive 30% casualties but hold their ground
The Russian infantry skirmish with the inn but it is inconclusive
The remaining infantry advance in the centre
The leading brigade suffer heavy casualties and rout
The supporting brigade join the rout

By nightfall the attack has run out of steam

The Russians have failed to take Meiningen
They still outnumber the Westphalians, but need to rest and reorganise

The Russians have lost 1300 casualties and have three brigades in rout
The Westphalians have lost 800 casualties

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