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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

23 May 1813 – Battle of Dolstadt

Tactical map of battle area
The French are short of supplies and too far east to resupply
They must either attack or retreat

The Russians are fully supplied and have orders to hold Dolstadt

Russian – 34000 infantry, 1900 cavalry, 60 guns
French – 37200 infantry, 2800 cavalry, 90 guns

Table at start of wargame
French HQ, 2nd and 5th corps arrive at the start of move 1
French 6th corps arrive at the start of move 5

2nd and 5th French corps have advanced and opened artillery fire
Their infantry are still out of range of the Russian artillery.
5th French cuirassiers charge and rout the 2nd Russian cuirassiers
They rout into the nearby artillery and rout the gunners
The gunners break the nearest square who join the rout
2nd Russian corps is in danger of breaking and running away

2nd French corps press home their attack
Cavalry charge and break a shaken square
Rout spreads through 2nd Russian corps
In the centre 5th corps attack the Dolstadt
French cuirassiers are routed when they charge artillery
Remainder of corps press home their attack
Gunners and 17 brigade both rout
To the north 6th French corps arrive and attack Dolstadt
Grenadier brigade broken and routed by French cavalry
Remainder of 3rd Russian corps ordered to retreat

Wittgenstein has suffered a comprehensive defeat
8 of his 13 brigades are in rout
His communications to Gotha have been cut
He orders 2nd and 3rd corps to retreat east

The French have lost 100 casualties and one brigade in rout
The Russians have lost 3300 casualties and eight brigades in rout

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