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Monday, November 14, 2016

22 May 1813 - Central Germany

Wittgenstein reorganises and resupplies his army at Gotha

1 corps halt, rally and resupply                                              
2 corps hold and resupply                                            
3 corps hold and resupply                                                     
4 corps hold and resupply 

The French army supply situation is desperate
2 corps is out of supply and lose 400 men to attrition
The other 3 corps are down to one days supplies
Fortunately there are now some supplies at Barchfeld, Rosdorf and Meiningen
Davout orders his army to resupply and reorganise

2 corps hold, resupply and reorganise                                       
5 corps hold, resupply and reorganise                                       
6 corps hold, resupply and reorganise                                   
14 corps hold, resupply and reorganise  

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