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Friday, March 24, 2017

07 June 1813 - Southern Spain

Marshal Suchet orders his army to advance attack Castanar, Aguda and Malagon

General Giron orders 2nd corps to retreat south and join forces with 1st corps north of the river Guadiana.   3rd and 4th corps to hold their position.  

7th French corps occupy Malagon and capture the depot there.    The garrison, 6 infantry brigade, abandon the city and become a guerrilla band.

15th Polish corps attack Aguda
The Spanish lose two infantry brigades and their gunners in rout
Only one infantry brigade remains to cover the retreat
General Lousada orders a general retreat.
The Spanish have lost 2200 casualties and three brigades in rout
The Polish have lost 1600 casualties

16th Italian corps attack Castanar
The Italians take light casualties but press home their attack
The Spanish lose one infantry brigade and their gunners
General Longa orders a general retreat to avoid the destruction of his corps
The Italians have lost 1300 casualties
The Spanish have lost 2600 casualties and have infantry and gunners in rout

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