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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

07 June 1813 – Battle of Aguda

Tactical map of battle area
General Joubert, commands 15th Polish corps
One of his four infantry brigades is detached to garrison Guadalupe
He has orders to attack Aguda and destroy 3rd Spanish corps

General Losada commands 3rd Spanish corps
He has three infantry brigades and corps artillery
He also commands the garrison of Aguda
He had orders to hold the town.

Spanish – 16000 infantry, 30 guns
Polish – 12000 infantry, 1000 cavalry, 30 guns

Table at start of wargame
The Spanish are on the table at the start of the game
The Poles arrive at the start of move one.
General Joubert has deployed all of his corps to the east of the main road.

General Losada has responded by moving one infantry brigade into the woods
He has replaced them with his reserve brigade
The Poles are still out of artillery range, and Losada awaits their advance

Joubert orders his artillery to open fire
They hit the centre Spanish infantry brigade, who break and run
He then orders his infantry to advance
His right hand brigade is ordered to storm the woods
His two left hand brigades to attack the main Spanish battle line

The Spanish artillery open fire on the infantry approaching the woods
They hit the column, who fail their morale and rout
The routed infantry brigade are supported by the brigade in the woods
They now have to test morale because of the rout, they fail and are shaken

Joubert orders a general attack
His infantry move forward, supported by the lancer brigade

The Spanish artillery inflict casualties on the left hand infantry brigade
But they pass their morale test and continue to advance

The lancers charge and rout the Spanish gunners
The infantry engage in a firefight, which the Spanish lose

Losada has two infantry brigades and his gunners in rout
Only one infantry brigade remains to cover the retreat

The routed Vistula infantry brigade has rallied

Lousada orders a general retreat.

The Spanish have lost 2200 casualties and three brigades in rout
The Polish have lost 1600 casualties

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