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Thursday, May 18, 2017

21 June 1813 – Battle of Jeggau

Tactical map of battle area
General Kleist, commander 1st Prusian corps, has orders to hold Jeggau, which is the right flank of the Prussian army.

Napoleon has suffered a defeat at Lehre, which has prevented his planned attack on the Prussian centre.  Worse it has allowed Blucher to launch his own attack in the centre.   To distract him from doing so Napoleon has ordered General Rouget, commander 4th French corps, to attack Jeggau

French – 16000 infantry, 1000 cavalry, 30 guns
Prussian – 16000 infantry, 1000 cavalry, 30 guns

Table at start of wargame
The town of Jeggau is centre right on the table
1st  Prussian corps is deployed in and behind the town
4th French corps is deployed on the left ready to attack the town.

French artillery have advanced and deployed within range of the town
The French infantry and cavalry have also advanced, but remain out of range of the Prussian artillery.

The Prussians have occupied the high ground on their left
Their cavalry have advanced to counter the French cuirassiers

The Prussian gunners lose 10% casualties to artillery fire
They pass their morale test, but are disordered.

French artillery hit the Prussian cavalry, who were shaken
French cuirassiers then charged and routed the Prussian gunners
The nearby shaken cavalry lost their morale and joined the rout
The horsemen broke through their supporting infantry, who also routed
General Rouget issued attack orders and his infantry stormed the town
2nd Prussian infantry brigade lost 50% casualties and routed
The remainder of the Prussian infantry broke and ran
By nightfall all of 1st Prussian corps was in rout

General Rouget has completely broken 1st Prussian corps
The French have lost just 400 casualties
The Prussians have lost 2500 casualties

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