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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

2 July 1813 – Battle of Amstadt

Tactical map of battle area
Marshal Soult opens the campaign with an attack on Amstadt
2nd and 5th corps are ordered to attack 3rd Russian corps
4th Russian corps has orders to support 3rd corps if they are attacked

French – 32000 infantry, 2000 cavalry, 60 guns
Russian – 32000 infantry, 2000 cavalry, 60 guns
Table at start of wargame
The town of Amstadt is off table on the bottom right
 Both French corps are deployed and ready to advance
3rd Russian corps is deployed to hold the road to Amstadt
4th Russian corps will arrive at 1000 (start of move 2)
2nd French corps are advancing over the hill centre left
They have deployed their artillery to support 5th corps
5th French corps have unlimbered and opened artillery fire
But no casualties so far
The cavalry have advanced to counter the Cossacks on the hill bottom right
The French infantry are deploying ready to attack

3rd Russian corps have deployed between the farm and hill bottom right
4th Russian corps have started to arrive top right.
Davout orders 2nd corps to hold the hill
They will only advance to prevent 4th Russian corps joining the battle
He does not wish to risk casualties to the Young Guard so early in the campaign

5th corps are ordered to attack.   This means that any combat will be hand to hand.
The outcome is more likely to be heavy casualties and a decisive result.
This is risky as the attacker may not reach the defender

However the result is an overwhelming French victory.
The combined French artillery caused moderate Russian casualties
The Russian artillery were less effective
The French cuirassiers charged and routed the Russian Cossacks on the hill
At the critical time the French moved first and avoided close range artillery fire
More important they rolled high dice (6-5-6-5) for the hand to hand fighting

2nd French and 4th Russian corps have taken no part in the battle
Neither corps has suffered any casualties

3rd Russian corps have suffered heavy casualties and have four brigades in rout
5th French corps have suffered light casualties, no routed brigaded

The French have lost 800 casualties
The Russians have lost 4200 casualties

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