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Thursday, August 10, 2017

2 July 1813 – Central Germany

Davout opens the campaign by ordering two corps to attack Amstadt, which is the Russian left flank.   His other two corps ordered to pin the Russian corps in the centre and north.

Wittgenstein has not anticipated this attack.  There is only one corps deployed to hold the approach to Amstadt.  Fortunately a second corps is on orders to “march  to the sound of the guns”, and arrives in time to join the battle.

Because of the terrain one French corps is delayed, and then blocked by the reinforcing Russian corps.  Neither take any real part in the battle.

The battle is a victory for the French, who lose 800 casualties to 4200 Russians.

3rd Russian corps bears the brunt of the fighting, and at night fall has broken and is in rout .

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