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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

11 July 1813 – Battle of Erfurt

Tactical map of battle area
6th and 14th French corps are east of the river
Both are ordered to attack
2nd and 5th corps are ordered to support the attack

1st, 2nd and 4th Russian corps are ordered to hold the east bank
3rd corps is ordered to “march to the sound of the guns”
6 and 8 brigades ordered to return to 2nd corps

Russian – 75600 infantry, 3900 cavalry, 120 guns
French – 78000 infantry, 3900 cavalry, 120 guns
Table at start of wargame
The river is fordable to infantry and cavalry at half move rate
Whilst crossing they will be disorgansied
Artillery can only cross using one of the bridges

1st, 2nd and 4th Russian corps are in defence on the right
6 and 8 infantry brigades on 2nd corps will arrive at move 5

2nd French corps must move towards the centre to make room for 5th corps
6th French corps is in position ready to attack
14th Westphalian corps will arrive at the start of move 1
5th French corps will arrive at the start of move 5
14th Westphalian corps has arrived top left and engage 2nd corps
6th French corps attack the farm in the centre
2nd French corps have deployed in the centre
Marshal Davout has joined 5th French corps who are nearing bottom left

2nd Russian corps await the arrival of their two infantry brigades
1st Russian corps are fighting for the farm in the centre
Their garrison have lost 10% casualties, and also their Cossack brigade
4th Russian corps wait to see how the French will attack

Both sides have suffered minor casualties to artillery fire
14th Westphalian corps have been ordered to attack
6th French corps are also on attack orders and broken the enemy
2nd French corps are on engage orders and are about to cross the river
5th French corps are approaching the river

2nd Russian corps are holding their position
1st Russian corps have suffered heavy casualties and are retreating
4th Russian corps have not yet been engaged

All four French corps are now on the battlefield
6th and 14th corps are bearing the brunt of the fighting
2nd corps is about to join the battle
5th corps are still in column of march

The Russians have lost their centre, but both flanks are secure
They must defeat at least one of the French corps to avoid defeat

On the right 14th Westphalian corps have pushed home their attack.
2nd Russian corps continue to hold their position, but have lost their cavalry

6th French corps have broken 1st Russian corps and taken the hill
All four infantry brigades, plus the cavalry, are in rout

2nd French corps have crossed the river Saale, but no longer need to attack the hill.
Davout orders them to swing left and support 5th French corps

5th corps cavalry join with 2nd corps cavalry to cover the river crossing
They rout 4th Russian cavalry brigade and artillery
Without support the Russian infantry are easily broken

Wittgenstein orders the Russians to retreat

Wittgenstein has suffered a decisive defeat
8 out of 12 of his infantry brigades, and 2 out of 3 cavalry brigades, are in rout. 

Davout has firmly established his army on the east bank of the river Saale.
Only one of his infantry brigades are in rout.

The French have lost 1300 casualties
The Russians have lost 6900 casualties and 6 guns

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